Memories that last a lifetime

As a Mallorca Wedding Photographer my aim is to freeze the unposed moments of your wedding day naturally as they happen.

Photos are captured naturally, without posing. Storytelling wedding photography is about telling a tale of your wedding day as if it were a story made of pictures.

By this way you will feel the emotions you felt on your wedding day in Mallorca when you look back to your wedding memories.

Mallorca, Formentera, Ibiza based.


mallorca wedding photographer

Hiring a Mallorca wedding photographer is an integral part of your wedding planning. How else will you preserve all those special moments that happen at your wedding? After the long moments of planning, it’s the very least you deserve.


I will take pictures of you and your loved ones as you celebrate your love. I will also capture any details you might miss as the day goes on.


You can only be in one place during your wedding. Most couples are also a bit overwhelmed, so the day rushes by. They get to the end of their wedding day and discover they’ve missed some lovely details.


As a wedding photographer I will help you document these. So, feel free to enjoy yourself and let them document those moments for you. After all, that time spent planning; it’s the very least that you deserve.


Some of your loved ones might not be able to make it to Mallorca for your wedding. The pictures captured will help a lot here. Through them, your loved ones can get an idea of how unforgettable your celebration was. It gives them a chance to also share in your special celebration. You could send these pictures to them personally or post them on social media.


Mallorca wedding photographer
Mallorca wedding photographer

"David, thank you so much!!! We have been very comfortable with you, you made it very easy for us and you helped us a lot, which is infinitely appreciated. The photos are beautiful and the experience too, we take great memories"

Ryan & Belen

"We loved it, you have exceeded our expectations, we did not expect this incredible wedding film at all, how beautiful! You have made a perfect summary of a great day in Mallorca. Thank you for being so professional, it was very worth hiring you."
Mallorca ibiza Formentera wedding photographer filmmaker
Laura & Fran
“A great professional that managed to capture the essence and emotions of the moment. Close treatment and totally recommended if you want to have great memories of your wedding in Mallorca.”
Michael & Luis
“Thank you for this art piece, for making us feel so comfortable so that everything was so natural. We love your work! We already knew that we had chosen well, but after this we have it even clearer.”
Mallorca ibiza formentera wedding photographer
Aitana & Daniel
Mallorca wedding photographer
Mallorca wedding photographer

"We had a great experience with David. The pictures he took of us turned out beautiful. He was very professional and passionate about his work. We definitely recommend working with him."

Joelle & Allan

Behind the lens

David Azurmendi

Photographer and filmmaker

“My name is David a storyteller photographer in Mallorca and I want to give you a memory that will make you cry, laugh and realize how lucky you are to get married.

My goal is to create natural and spontaneous wedding memories so that you have a genuine photography, without forced or artificial poses. Trying to tell your story through photographs in which I take great care of color and lighting.”

David Azurmendi

David Azurmendi wedding photographer
David Azurmendi - Your wedding photographer and filmmaker


As a storyteller photographer I will give you natural photos that will tell the real story of your wedding day. These photos will not only help you remember those moments but also feel the emotions you felt on the day. 

Mallorca ibiza formentera wedding photographer
Mallorca wedding photographer

Wedding filmmaking

Play it forward

We do high end wedding filmmaking telling your unique love story.


A wedding film shows the story around your day, it’s an experience. A sensation for all the senses, a beautiful memory you can keep forever.

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We only live once, let’s make it magical.  On your wedding day everything will be perfect, worry about having a photographer capable of capturing it so that you can remember the day as it was.


Mallorca ibiza formentera wedding photographer
Mallorca ibiza formentera wedding photographer
Mallorca ibiza formentera wedding photographer

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I’m based in Mallorca – Ibiza – Formentera –

depending on season, but take assignments all over the world.

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